May 14, 2024

Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite alert service rolls out.

When you’re outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, you can text emergency services using Emergency SOS on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. The Find My app also allows you to share your location with others through satellite.

How does it work.

The operation of Emergency SOS via satellite
When there are no other options for contacting emergency services, emergency SOS via satellite can assist you in getting in touch with them. Your iPhone tries to link you through satellite to the assistance you require if you try to phone or text emergency services but are unable to do so because you are outside the range of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The experience of using a satellite link is distinct from sending or receiving a message over a cellular network. A message might take 15 seconds to send in ideal circumstances with a clear view of the sky and horizon, and more than a minute to send under trees with light to medium vegetation. You might not be able to connect to a satellite if you’re in close proximity to other barriers or are under dense vegetation. Your surroundings, the length of your message, and the status and availability of the satellite network can all affect how long it takes to connect.

How to connect to satellite when in emergency?

You can still use your iPhone to text emergency services while you’re in an area without cellular or Wi-Fi access thanks to a satellite link.

Use these pointers to link your iPhone to a satellite if you need to call emergency services:

  1. Hold your phone in your hand naturally. You don’t have to hold your phone or lift your arm, but you also shouldn’t put it in a pocket or a backpack.
  2. In order to have a clear view of the sky and the horizon, you must be outside.
  3. Be mindful that dense foliage may obstruct the connection while trees with light foliage may slow it down.
  4. Mountains, canyons, and high buildings can all interfere with the connection.
  5. Your iPhone offers assistance if you need to turn left, right, or walk to go around a blocked signal. Just follow the onscreen directions.
  6. Even when the screen of your phone is locked, the satellite connection can still be maintained.

Availability of Emergency SOS via satellite

  1. You require iOS 16.1 or later and an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro.
  2. Additionally, you must be in a location without Wi-Fi or cellular service.
  3. Only the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada offer emergency SOS via satellite.
  4. Except for those who purchased their phone on the Chinese mainland, in Hong Kong, or in Macao, international visitors to the United States and Canada can use Emergency SOS through satellite.
  5. On iPhone models purchased in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macao, Emergency SOS via satellite is not an option.
  6. Guam and American Samoa don’t have access to satellite emergency SOS.
  7. In locations over 62° latitude, such as the northernmost regions of Canada and Alaska, satellite connections may not function.

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